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a guided, artistic experience - a safe space to explore ideas, shapes, and forms.

iterate on your latest idea. create visuals to go alongside your new release. make something magical.


from distraction-free emotive portraits to experimental film and print, the result is a comprehensive visual package to accompany your project or practice.

what to expect

Sessions take place in my studio in Ridgewood, Queens, and last 2-3 hours.

Before the session, we'll discuss your vision, goals, and style so that I can put together a brief that will serve as our guide.

Plan to arrive with your hair and makeup done (if that's your thing), and bring wardrobe options. Often, less is more when it comes to makeup, and more is merrier when it comes to wardrobe. I recommend bringing a variety of pieces in dark & neutral tones with a mix of structured & flowy silhouettes. 



After your session, you'll receive a contact sheet of every photo we took together - and you select your final images.
Each select is delivered in color and black and white (excluding film selects).



I’m not a dancer / I don't have modeling experience - is this a good fit for me?

Yes! My best photographs happen with humans who are open to play and iterative ideation.

Do you only shoot nude/implied nude?

No. Your comfort and vision are my priority. All levels of modesty are welcome.


Will you shoot film?

Sure! I shoot with a variety of film cameras in a variety of formats. Let's talk about the look you're after. Options include: 4x5, 6x7, 645, 35mm, Stereo 3D, & polaroid.

What projects are sessions a good fit for?

If you have a vision for our time together, we can make it happen. Past sessions include album art, press kits, book covers, social media content, spotify canvas', artistic process documentation, marketing materials and more.

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let's book it

Thanks! I'll get back to you shortly.
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