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a weekend workshop on play & collaboration in a no-bad-ideas environment.

WHEN: March 1-2, 2025

WHERE: West Palm Beach, FL

You’re invited to our personal creative practice - 

This is for you if: you need a creative pick me up, you want to hang out with other artists and make art, your inner child is craving PLAY, your portfolio needs some extra spice, you have an idea (or many) you want to test out, you need someone to give you permission to mess it up, do it ‘wrong’, and try again.


WKND of WEIRD will be about ideation & play rather than technology & technique. If you have technical questions, we will do our best to answer them, but this workshop won’t be focused on how-tos. This workshop is open to and applicable to artists working in all mediums, but we will be creating photographic works. Bring your digital camera, your iPhone, your film camera, or your point & shoot - doesn’t matter which; if it captures light… it’ll do!

We'll dig into

  • finding aligned collaborators

  • differentiating your work

  • defining your visual language

  • creating intuitively 

  • believing in your work & putting it out there

  • not being afraid to mess it up

  • using what you already have

An afternoon shooting a rotation of: 

  • 3 models

  • 3 sets 

  • 3 prop categories

What to expect

Two days, two instructors.

photograph unique sets.

create tactile works. 

move to a kick-ass playlist.


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Your Hosts: Alexx & Imani 

This workshop is an extension of our personal creative practice. We’ve integrated play and collaboration into every season of both our creative careers & our friendship. We come together annually for what we’ve affectionately coined our “weekend of weird”: a space free of predetermined deliverables - where we test out ideas, pull from the far reaches of our vision boards & psyches, light things on fire, dance around, make an absolute mess, scan dead bugs, ask our models to put away their good sides, and yell “YES, and what if.” 

It’s uncapped creativity as a discipline: setting aside dedicated time to intuit our way through making weird ass art.


& you’re invited.

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We are offering this workshop at cost to make art resourcing and education more accessible and are asking for financial support to develop WKND of WEIRD.


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